Dunlop Volley - Toddler High Leap (Fifty Shades Grey)

SKU: V62556
We say let kids be kids have fun, play hard, get dirty and stay young.

The SS16 range from Volley features beautiful hand drawn illustrations, neon pops, and lumberjack themes. Never too young to be on trend, Toddler High Leaps make the perfect gift for fashionable youngins.

Sizing Guide
Size 7: 16.0cm insole & approx 3 years
Size 8: 16.5cm insole & approx 3.5 years
Size 9: 17.0cm insole & approx 4 years
Size 10: 17.5cm & approx 4.5 years
Size 11: 18cm & approx 5 years
Size 12: 18.5cm & approx 6 years
Size 13: 19.0cm & approx 6.5 years


 To get the best fit, measure your child's foot and allow approx 0.5cm extra for wiggle room (a little more if your child is likely to wear thick socks). This will give you your insole measurement (measurement from inside the shoe, toe to heel).

Please view insole measurements above as they do differ from brand to brand. Age is just a guide only.