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Lucy Llama Best Mate

OB Designs' Plush Toys (Australia) Llamas are too adorable to resist. They are so soft and huggable, you wouldn't want to let them go.

"Lucy Llama loves pajamas & Dancing in the rain. Is looking for a girl to dance and twirl and never be alone again"

Each toy features a more detailed design and longer fabrics than the infant toy range. They come with two charms "One for me and one for you". Much like a heart locket, these charms can be attached to a backpack, necklace or friendship bracelet. 

Best Mate toys have been thoroughly "kid tested" for cuteness, huggability and snuggle factor! In fact, the team at OB Designs handed over the reins to the year 5 kids at their local school in Byron Bay. As always, the kids were brutally honest and only the best made the cut.

The kids also named and created each character's poem

  • Safety Tested for children 3+ years

  • Machine Wash


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