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Hush Bunny

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I’m a pulse point whipped cream to help you feel calm, relaxed and rested. Enriched with the most beautiful essential oils, i will help to quiet your busy mind. I am the perfect remedy for nervous flyers, those who struggle to sleep and for anxiety.

Frankincense | Lowers anxiety levels and calming
Ylang ylang | The oil of the heart, helps you drift off to sleep
Chamomile | Relaxing and promotes restful sleep
Lavender | Calming, soothing and stress reducing
Sweet orange | Relaxes tired and tense muscles
Bergamot  | Calms, soothes and promotes a restful sleep
Jojoba | Smoothens and balances skin
Valerian oil | Deeply grounding and promotes restful sleep
Sweet almond | A moisturising balancing oil
Sandalwood | Sleep aid and remedy for insomnia

HOW TO USE Gently rub a pea sized scoop as needed to your pulse points (Temples, behind your ears, on your neck, wrists, inside elbows or behind your knees) breath in deeply to relax.

TOP TIP Use me throughout the day as a perfume to keep stress levels at bay and to keep you smelling gorgeous.

HOW TO STOREStore in a cool area with lid closed and away from sunlight. This product is oil based.