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Motherhood Blend

Bye Bye Brain Fog

This is not just another smoothie powder. It’s the Rolls Royce of maternal nutrition. Expertly formulated by our naturopath Jo, the potent combination of protein, superfoods and herbs will bin your brain fog and replace it with optimum mental clarity.

As mums, our minds and bodies are put through the wringer. Pregnancy, childbirth, sleep deprivation and the general relentlessness of motherhood can take a toll. A big one. Sometimes our brain has so many tabs open, we find ourselves rocking an empty pram, forgetting appointments and spending way too much time searching for car keys.

Add it to your morning smoothie, include it in a baking recipe, or simply mix it with your preferred milk to give your brain the boost it needs to deal with the daily grind.

Whether you’re preparing or recuperating from birth, running after a toddler or dealing with a petulant teen, our Motherhood Blend will help you stay fueled, focussed and (almost completely) sane.


Every spoonful gifts your body the vitamins and vitality it needs to meet the demands of mum life. Add it to your daily routine to help:

  • Improve mental clarity and function.
  • Eliminate brain fog and mental fatigue.
  • Strengthen your body and calm your mind in preparation for birth.
  • Assist in the healing and recovery process post-birth.
  • Increase energy levels and stamina.
  • Reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm.

Address adrenal fatigue and aid digestion.


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