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Seriously Baby Milestone Cards

Newborns suck, right?

We know you're meant to be totally over the moon in love with them, but.... sometimes, they just suck.

To help share the load, we have created the baby milestone cards you really need! Seriously Milestones are all about keeping it real, so we love celebrating your babes first poo in the bath, that time they kept you up every hour, and even when they found their genitals!

We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Cards include:

-Last night I woke up Every. Single. Hour.

-I had my head banged into a door frame

-A teensy bit of my finger got cut off while someone was cutting my nails

-Nappy Explosion!*

-Today I was referred to as the opposite sex

-I screamed all day long for no reason (parents feel free to use this card too)

-Today I learnt to climb out of my high chair

-First visit to the ER

-Covered in vomit*

-My first poo in the bath

-Someone dropped their phone on my face when taking my picture

-I was fed food that wasn't cooled down properly

-I just found my genitals

-Sick, again*

-Today my parents are hungover for the first time since having me

-I think they call this a regression*

-Clingy AF*

-Teething Sucks!*

-No one warned me about this*