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Tiny Baby Cacoon Swaddle Bag 0.2 tog (Sage)


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Introducing the Tiny Baby Collection. Our most popular newborn sleepwear now comes in a small 00000 size for small, healthy babies born after 36 weeks.

The 0.2 TOG Cocoon Swaddle Bag is our best swaddle for small newborns, designed to be both easy to use and difficult to escape from. This zip-up swaddle is TOG rated for warmth to keep a small, healthy baby snug and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping. Being TOG-rated means that the 0.2 TOG can be used on its own from room temperatures 24°C / 75°F + with no blankets in the bassinet or cot to make this a safe sleep option for a newborn. Parents can layer underneath this tiny baby swaddle sleeping bag as needed for warmth, and follow our handy FREE room thermometer and What to Wear Guide included with the product to help them dress their baby appropriately. We recommend pairing this small swaddle with one of our size-00000 TOG-rated Layers or Bodywear underneath (sold separately) for a complete sleep solution for a small baby.

The Cocoon Swaddle bag is made with GOTS certified organic cotton, with a touch of elastane. This means it's firm enough to restrict startle reflex whilst still allowing stretch and movement for healthy growth. The stretch also allows for full chest expansion when breathing, added comfort, and for a baby to move its hands into a self-settling position inside the swaddle. The soft, breathable organic cotton is certified non-toxic, dyed with water based dyes, gentle on newborn skin, and skin prone to eczema breakouts. A zip enclosure also protects your child's delicate skin.

The arm poppers transition the Cocoon from an arms-in swaddle to arms-out sleeping bag if your baby does not like to be swaddled. The bell shaped design is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being hip-healthy, and promotes proper joint development in the hips and shoulders joints. Finally, the two-way zipper makes for quick and easy nappy changes during sleep with minimal disruptions.

The Cocoon Swaddle Bag meets all safety standards in Australia and New Zealand. The size-00000 Cocoon Swaddle Bag should only be used with healthy small and pre-term babies born after 36 weeks. If you have a pre-term baby who requires, or has required, special care please follow the advice from your paediatrician before using this product.

This product is reviewed by the Eczema Association of Australasia as a skin-friendly product.

  • iconSuper stretch
  • iconGOTS certified organic cotton
  • iconBreathable Natural Fibres
  • iconBell-shaped bottom
  • iconConverts to sleeping bag
  • iconKeeps baby snug
  • iconTOG-rated for warmth
  • iconZip enclosure
  • iconTwo-way zip
  • iconCertified non-toxic
  • iconSkin-friendly
  • iconFeeding-friendly
  • iconNo blankets needed
  • iconMachine washable
  1. Lay Cocoon on flat, low surface with zip open and arm studs closed.
  2. Lay baby on top of Cocoon. Tuck legs into swaddle, and zip up with baby's hands in desired position (by sides, or across chest).
  3. To change a nappy or cool down baby, zip open from the bottom of the swaddle to release legs and lower torso. Zip closed again when finished.
  4. Layer underneath for warmth as needed.
  5. To transition to arms-out sleeping once showing signs of rolling, release arms by opening the studs on the shoulders. We suggest doing this one arm at a time over several days.

If your newborn baby does not like being swaddled, it is safe to sleep them in the Cocoon Swaddle Bag with their arms out from the beginning.
Always sleep your baby in a safe-sleep environment.