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Swim Nappy (Yellow)


Ideal for swimming lessons and summer holidays!

Each swim nappy comes in its own matching zip wet bag with a snap-strap handle to hang from your pram. Essential for transporting a wet swim nappy home and keeping the rest of your bag dry.

OSFM (One Size Fits Most) baby 0 – 3 years old.

Ideal for babies and toddlers alike. Adjustable premium resin snaps up for smaller sizes. Settings to suit 4kg – 15kg. Wide waist hook and look closure for snug fit. 

Waist measurement to 55cm circumference.

Eco-friendly, no other disposable swim diaper needed. A reusable product that saves you money. Over 12 months of research and development have gone into designing this outstanding swim nappy. Worn and proven to keep solids contained to give you and your baby a great water experience.

Can also be used as a training pant, wear it over a cotton pant, and are extremely useful for ECing as they become ready to go nappy free!


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