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Enchanted Theatre Puzzle (80 piece)

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Floss & Rock 80 Pc Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle – Enchanted Theatre

Product Description: Step into a magical world with this 80 Pc Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle. This captivating puzzle is more than just a game; it’s a doorway to a world of fantasy and wonder, perfect for young imaginations.

Key Features:

Enchanting Theatre Shape: The puzzle pieces fit together to form the exciting shape of a theatre, providing a unique and captivating puzzle-solving experience.
Magical Theme: Filled with illustrations that evoke the charm and mystery of an enchanted theatre, this puzzle is sure to delight children who love stories and fantasy.
Shiny Foiled Pieces: Adding to the enchantment, the puzzle features shiny foiled pieces, making the assembling process even more fun and engaging.
Educational and Enjoyable: Designed to enhance cognitive skills such as problem-solving, hand/eye coordination, and concentration, while immersing children in a creative and magical world.

Why Choose This Product: The Floss & Rock 80 Pc Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle – Enchanted Theatre is an excellent choice for kids who are drawn to the arts and the mystical. It combines a fun activity with educational benefits, offering a creative way to develop important skills.

  • Age 5+
  • Puzzle Size: Approx 36 x 47 cm
  • Box Size: Approx 40 x 22 x 4 cm