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Glow Sleep Easy


The Glow Sleep Easy combines all the features you need to get the sleep you deserve, it’s the smart sleep device that will enrich your sleep routine, reduce night waking and prevent early waking in one sleek, app-enabled unit.

Use our Red LED Light to boost your little one’s natural levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone, before bed – making it easier to settle to sleep. Coupled with our natural Pink Noise to prevent unnecessary wake-ups and help your little one achieve deep, slow-wave sleep. Set a 2 or 4 hour timer, or let the Pink Noise and Red LED Light run all night! Our ultrasonic Humidifier will run for 10-12 hours overnight to help promote deeper breathing and ease any congestion. Can be used with plain water or with our range of essential oils specifically curated to help and support your little ones sleep. Our Green to Rise Light helps your child learn the best times to be asleep and awake.

The Glow Sleep Easy can be app controlled from any room in the house and gives you access to our Sleep Memberships where you can contact our team for one-on-one support any time.

Key benefits

  •  Smart assist app that helps schedule your day and provides one touch customised sleep settings.
  •  Naturally Produce Melatonin (Red Light Therapy)
  •  Induce a deep sleep with authentic Pink Noise (world first engineering design) and block out background noises.
  •  Your sleep support membership reduces stress by giving you one on one access to Glow Sleep Experts.
  •  Green to Rise teaches your child when it’s okay to start the day as well as improving concentration and mood.
  •  Soothes dry nasal passages, eases breathing and reduces congestion (Humidifier).

- Glow Sleep Easy Unit
- Power Cord
- Glow User Manual & Information Booklet


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